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  • Michael Ellerman

    Michael Ellerman

    Michael is a Linux kernel developer, having worked on the kernel at IBM for over 15 years. Since 2015 he has been the maintainer of arch/powerpc, used for IBM Power servers, the Talos II & Blackbird systems from Raptor Computing, as well as Apple G5s, the Sony PS3, and numerous 32-bit platforms. As a maintainer he is interested in all aspects of the kernel development process, eg. testing, continuous-integration, patch submission etc., as well as efforts to improve the kernel code base using static analysis, or introduction of new languages such as Rust.


This will be a short introduction to the Linux kernel selftests, what they are, why they are and where they are. Then we will cover the mechanics of writing a selftest, and why it's not that hard, even if you have no kernel development experience. By the end of the talk hopefully the viewer will feel capable of writing a simple kernel selftest. I will also offer to assist anyone who wants to try and submit a selftest upstream.