Why should your employees attend linux.conf.au?

It can be tough for employers to know which conference to send their employees to. If you’re looking for a conference to help develop your team, linux.conf.au offers a holistic experience for almost anybody working in technology who has an interest in Free and Open Source Software.

linux.conf.au is a globally recognised conference, providing delegates and organisations with a strong return on investment. The conference provides delegates with a multi-day immersive experience into everything open source. This means delegate can bring the most up-to-date industry knowledge back to the office to share with their colleagues.

Key information

Dates: Sunday 23 - Monday 25 January 2021

Venue: Online, worldwide

Tickets: Details on pricing can be found at https://linux.conf.au/attend/tickets/

A bit more about linux.conf.au 2021

Our theme is “So what’s next?”.

We all know we’re living through unprecedented change and uncertain times. How can open source play a role in creating, helping and adapting to this ongoing change? What new developments in software and coding can we look forward to in 2021 and beyond?

While we have a lots of interesting talks on this theme, it is by no means limited to this. You’ll find talks and tutorials in software development, Linux kernel internals, DevOps, community management and more.

What will delegates experience?

linux.conf.au is one of the world’s longest-established conferences about Linux and Free and Open Source Software.

Delegates will experience:

Talks and Miniconfs at the conference are highly diverse, giving delegates access to the latest ground-breaking insight in the open source industry. The nature of linux.conf.au sees talks extend from the highly technical to business-focused case studies, which enable delegates to experience a breadth of knowledge across the technology industry. Topics at linux.conf.au 2021 include security and privacy, architecture, open hardware and software, community engagement, diversity promotion, legal and ethical management.

Further details of our sessions are available online at https://linux.conf.au/programme/sessions/.

Full details of miniconfs can be found at https://linux.conf.au/programme/miniconfs/.

What does your organisation gain?

Organisations who fund delegates can gain competitive advantage through:

Sending your employees to linux.conf.au allows your organisation to engage with the most up-to-date industry knowledge across everything open source.

If you would like any further information, feel free to reach out by emailing contact@lca2021.linux.org.au.


We thank our sponsors for their generous contribution to linux.conf.au 2021.

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