Programme Overview

The conference starts out with one day of miniconfs followed by two days of sessions on our main program.

Week Overview

Day Start of Day Daytime Evening
Saturday Conference Welcome Miniconfs
Sunday Keynote Main Conference
Monday Keynote Main Conference
Conference Close

Daily Schedule Overview

Time Activity
09:00 am Start of day and housekeeping
9:10 am Welcoming remarks and/or keynote
10:10 am Morning tea break
10:45 am Talks
11:30 am Break
11:40 am Talks
12:25 pm Lunch break
1:40 pm Talks
2:15 pm Break
2:25 pm Talks
3:20 pm Afternoon tea break
3:45 pm Talks
4:30 pm Break
4:40 pm Talks
5:25 pm Sessions end
5:30 pm BoF sessions and evening events

Presentation Types

Welcome Address

The conference organisers start the event by welcoming everyone and letting everyone know the general housekeeping requirements of the conference.


Each conference morning will begin with a keynote presentation. We are really excited by our invited guests this year and will be making announcements very soon.


Talks are 35-45 minute presentations on a single topic. These are generally presented in lecture format and form the bulk of the available conference slots.

Conference Close

The final part of the conference will include a thanks to all volunteers, announcement of the next year’s LCA location and formal closing.