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  • Tejun Heo

    Tejun Heo

    Tejun has been working on the various subsystems of the Linux kernel for the past two decades. He has worked on various subsystems including block layer, libata and per-cpu memory allocator, and currently maintains cgroup (Control Groups) and workqueue. In the past several years, he has been focusing on developing cgroup2 resource control mechanisms and applying them in Facebook infrastructure.


The idea behind resource control is to distribute resources between workloads so that machines can be shared among different tasks without them interfering with each other - be that service and management tasks on a server, or a web browser and a build job on a laptop. While developing and deploying resource control strategies at facebook to improve reliability and utilization, we've encountered many surprises and had to relearn what we thought we already knew. Resource Control Demo ( is an interactive tool which documents various aspects of cgroup2 resource control using live resource contention scenarios. This presentation gives a tour of various cgroup2 resource control mechanisms and strategies using resctl-demo.