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  • Leon Wright

    Leon Wright

    Leon Wright is a reformed SysAdmin turned DevOps Engineer and from home automation to swing dancing, he's found many ways to bring technology into his life. Linux Conf AU not withstanding, he has found his place bringing whimsy and colour to the conference with the various beard adornments and open hardware haphazardly soldered to his badge.


Late one evening at LCA2017, Leon found himself in his room and exhausted from the day's social interactions. Earlier he'd been bouncing some ideas around for something he could hack into his badge. Armed with a ESP8266, a bag of electronics, and vague understanding of C++; The 'Hug Detecting' badge was born! Through this journey you will learn about the challenges faced when building adhoc hardware into a conference badge, literally load testing, Twitter shadow bans, and much much more. So hang around for a glance into how a whimsical project turned into a novel way of managing and overcoming social anxiety.