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  • Marc MERLIN

    Marc MERLIN

    Marc has been using linux since 0.99pl15f (slackware 1.1.2, 1994). He has worked for various tech companies in the Silicon Valley, including Network Appliance, SGI, VA Linux,, and Google since 2002, both a server sysadmin and software engineer. He has done hacking in various areas like mail with exim, mailman, SpamAssassin and SA-Exim, as well as maintained various linux distributions at Google and elsewhere, and given talks about some of those projects, and others at linux conferences since 2001 (LCA, OLS, Linuxcon, Usenix/LISA).


Learn about the rabbithole of LEDs, how it went from a single tri-color LED on my first OHMC project, to a "it was only there because LEDs are bling" neopixel ring on garduino, to a "few" LEDs on my party shirt, and then shirt and pants, to "it's gotten out of hands", a 1538 pixels on panels driven by ESP8266, then 12288 pixels driven by ESP32, and now 49152 pxels driven by a raspberry pi. Amazingly the last 3 projects, despite using very different hardware, use the same codebase and graphics library I wrote, Framebuffer::GFX.