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  • Nicola Nye

    Nicola Nye

    Nicola's professional background spans the full range of technical experience as she has been a programmer, project manager, quality analyst, technical writer, and an open source community manager. She helps run the CTO School Melbourne meetup group. Nicola is passionate about literacy for all ages and works part time at her kids’ school library.

  • Andy Gelme

    Andy Gelme

    Andy started hacking as a teenager when microprocessors were first available and you had to build your own personal computer. His career has included the spectrum of computing … from consumer electronics products to Cray supercomputers. Various projects have involved building automation, Internet of Things, establishing the Melbourne HackerSpace in 2009 and co-founding LIFX in 2012. Since the start of 2016, Andy has been developing distributed frameworks that combine real-time telemetry and video processing via machine learning (neural networks) for applications such as drones and robotics.


If you’re not a badge expert and you want to make the most out of your Swagbadge, this talk is for you! Nicola will talk through getting started, from the moment you opened the packet and the stickers fell out, to the time the badge is up and running and displaying information on the screens, and give some pointers on what to do next to make it your own and how to get help on it during LCA2021 and beyond. Andy will discuss the Aiko framework that powers a lot of the badge hardware. Why do we need a framework on top of MicroPython? What services it provides and how you can use it to extend your badge’s functionality.