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  • John Spencer

    John Spencer

    John is a Maker who's main hobby seems to be collecting hobbies. This week it's Software Firmware Design, Plastering, Painting and Casting Concrete. Last week there was 3d Printing and CAD Design. Next week I hope it is Cleaning my Desk. Since 2012 he has been involved in varying degrees with the Open Hardware Miniconf. When not doing fun things for no money, he is a Senior Platforms Lead at Toyota Australia, a job that means he still occasionally gets to re-live his youth as a Linux Administrator.


This is the open hardware miniconf, so let’s talk about the hardware on the badge. Find out what our goal was for the badge, and why we chose the components we used. We’ll discuss the ways you can extend your badge with hardware, whether that’s working with the onboard microcontroller, or adding a simple add-on (SAO). We’ll talk about our SAO protoboards, the Tux SAO and other SAO extensions you can build and buy to enhance your badge life.