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  • Vadim Troshchinskiy

    Vadim Troshchinskiy

    I'm a software developer, mostly self-taught. I've been writing code since I was a young teen. I currently work on a Linux based Desktop Virtualization solution, based on NX and Perl. As a hobby, I'm on the core team of Vircadia (, an Open Source VR environment.


Vircadia is a somewhat unusual type of software. We use the word "metaverse" to describe it -- a collective virtual shared space, without a fixed purpose. It's a similar idea to Second Life or to a lesser extent, VR Chat. Vircadia is a fork of the now dead High Fidelity in its original incarnation. A simple way of looking at it the 3D equivalent of Apache. What it does is providing a 3D environment (with optional VR support) where to socialize, script, make games, hold meetings, or do most anything that could be done in a 3D setting. It was made to be flexible and can serve many purposes. This talk is made in response to the question "How can open source play a role in creating, helping and adapting to this ongoing change? What new developments in software and coding can we look forward to in 2021 and beyond?" made in the call for submissions by Linux Conf AU, and we think we have a good answer. The talk will be mostly a high level overview -- who we are, where this all came from, what is it good for and how we think it can be of great help in current times, as well as what are our plans for the future.