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  • William Brown

    William Brown

    William is a Senior Software Engineer for SUSE Labs, working on LDAP and IDM technologies. He is part of the 389 Directory Server team, and the creator of the Kanidm project. His passion is making IDM technology accessible and compassionate for all people that are represented within it. When he is not at a computer, he can be found on a pole or flipping on a mat.


Authentication and IDM technologies are at the core of our system and network security. Whether it's logging into our personal laptop, or a corporate website, authentication is how we define roles and privileges to our users and ourselves. Opensource has a number of IDM offerings, as do corporate offerings. In this talk, we'll explore some of the history of these projects and what they offer, the direction that authentication and security is moving in. We'll also introduce Kanidm, a new opensource IDM system that has been created to adapt to these changes in IDM and security, and talk about what it's achieved in a short space of time, and what the future holds for it.