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  • Lana Brindley (she/her)

    Lana Brindley (she/her)

    Lana has been writing open source documentation for much longer than she or anyone else cares to think about, and is currently gainfully employed by SUSE. She is passionate about great writing, information architecture, content strategy, docs as code, and Agile documentation. She is currently riding out the pandemic at her home in Brisbane, Australia, where she lives with a teenager and a mentally challenged but often adorable feline. Sometimes the teenager is adorable, too.


One thing the pandemic has forced many of us to do is to take a step back. To just stop for a moment and think about where we are. And while you are taking stock of your personal life, let me talk you through taking stock of your professional life, or at least the bits of it you have managed to document. In the hustle of the beforetimes, documentation was often a forgotten or sidelined thing that you could do roughly now, fix later, or just never quite get around to. Take a deep breath, look around your home office, give the dog a pat, and let's work out what you have, what you need, and how you can open a can of Marie Kondo on all of it.