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  • Toby Bellwood

    Toby Bellwood

    Toby is the Product Lead at, who provide managed container hosting based on their open-source application delivery platform, Lagoon. Prior to joining, Toby was the Tech Lead for GovCMS,, and


As a commercial business, has been providing Drupal hosting since 2010. In August 2017, open-sourced the latest iteration of their hosting platform, Lagoon, and entered a new realm of collaboration with their customers and users. From his unique perspective and journey from a customer to Product Lead, Toby will present an overview of Lagoon's development over the last three years of growth. In this talk, he'll uncover what it means to balance open-source with commercial interest, how contributions are a two-way street, and how to form deep, lasting partnerships with your users. Showing examples where customer and partner collaborations have led development alongside internal developer-driven innovations will hopefully help to illuminate some of the benefits that working in the Open can provide all parties.