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  • Paul Mackerras

    Paul Mackerras

    Paul Mackerras is a senior technical leader in the IBM Linux Technology Center. Currently, his main responsibility is as architect and maintainer for KVM on IBM POWER Systems and on Power architecture machines more generally. He is one of the main contributors to the Microwatt open-source Power ISA soft-core. He also contributes to the definition of the POWER Instruction Set Architecture (ISA). He is a noted expert with deep technical expertise in Linux on POWER systems, particularly in the area of the Linux kernel and KVM virtualization technology, as well as a long-term contributor in the Linux kernel development community, and a maintainer of other open-source projects, including the "gitk" visualization tool for the Git source code management system and the Linux PPP daemon. He was the Linux kernel community maintainer for the PowerPC architecture for many years, and implemented the support for POWER processors in the Linux performance monitoring subsystem.


Microwatt is an open-source POWER CPU implementation which can run on cheap FPGAs, bringing new level of accessibility to POWER. In the last year, we have added to Microwatt features such as a memory management unit, privilege modes, interrupts, a floating-point unit, an interrupt controller and a level-2 cache, so that now it can boot Linux. This presentation will outline these new additions to Microwatt and talk about some interesting applications for Microwatt.