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  • Keith Packard

    Keith Packard

    Keith Packard has been developing free software since 1986, working on the X Window System, Linux, amateur rocketry and educational robotics. He is currently a Principle Engineer at SiFive working on RISC-V system software, including Linux, u-Boot, QEMU, Zephyr and GCC. Keith has taught computer programming to students from ages 10-17 using LEGO robotics for over fifteen years and started the Snek Language project to use in that work. He received a Usenix Lifetime Achievement award in 1999, an O'Reilly Open Source award in 2011 and sits on the foundation board. Keith uses he, him and his pronouns.


We, at SiFive, are just finishing up building a RISC-V based computer that can be used as a full Linux desktop. It's time to take it out for a spin and see what it's made of. This presentation will discuss the hardware, from the CPU, to the M-2 drives and PCIe support, including graphics. Next, we'll explore at the software stack running on the board, including the boot system and Linux kernel, drivers for the hardware and graphical applications. A significant portion of the presentation will show free software running on the hardware, along with images and videos of the board in operation.