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  • M. de Blanc

    M. de Blanc

    M. de Blanc is a digital rights activist. She works at the GNOME Foundation as the Strategic Initiatives Manager. She is a member of the Debian Project and the GNOME Foundation, participating in the Community Team and the Code of Conduct Committee, respectively. She was previously on the Board of Directors of the Open Source Initiative, and served as President of the Board. She is currently a graduate student in ethics at New York University.


Have you ever asked yourself: What is my responsibility to the people using the technology I make? How do I make decisions about what is right and wrong when choosing to work on something? What even is right and wrong? Well, let's find some answers (or, really, more questions). This whirlwind tour of philosophical inquiry is designed for the FOSS community by the FOSS community. Our focus will be on moral responsibility. I'll even throw in a few Trolley Problems for good measure.