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  • Paul Schulz

    Paul Schulz

    Paul is a Free and Open Source user, integrator and developer hack from Adelaide. He has spent time using FOSS software in variety of industries and projects and prefers the open software development model to other alternatives. He had a 'trivial' patch accepted into the Linux kernel.


In 2020, along with everything else going on, the Public Libraries in Port Adelaide Enfield, as part of it's STEM program started to build a IoT Sensor network. The IoT Sensor network builds on a collection of technology and other council projects to provide a network which is available for use by the council and local community alike. The Port Adelaide Enfield Libraries, via their STEM programs, aim to use free and open source software to produce a sustainable community resource. This presentation will discuss the background and some of the challenges faced by the project; technologically, commercially and socially. Technology discussed: LoRaWAN, Arduino, The Things Network, NodeRED, Graphana