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  • Mauve Signweaver

    Mauve Signweaver

    Mauve is a software consultant with a focus on decentralized systems, peer to peer networks, and local-first applications on the web.

  • Ariel Beaudoin-Lambert

    Ariel Beaudoin-Lambert

    Ariel Beaudoin-Lambert is the technical and technological innovation project manager at Wapikoni, a First Nations travelling audiovidual and creation studio touring Canada and the world.

  • Genevieve Sioui

    Genevieve Sioui

    Geneviève Sioui is Huron-Wendat and grew up in Québec City, Canada. For the last decade, she has worked closely with urban Indigenous communities in Québec advocating for social justice in domains of education, health, and social services. Her professional experiences include supporting and developing strategies for the educational success of Indigenous youth. Geneviève has also taught anthropology at Kiuna Institute, the only First Nations College in Quebec. She is currently responsible for developing and stewarding partnerships with Indigenous community stakeholders at Concordia University, Canada.

  • Mailys Flamand

    Mailys Flamand

    I am an artist indigenous

  • Stéphane Nepton

    Stéphane Nepton

    Aboriginal artist and speaker.


The partners, UHU Labos Nomades, Wapikoni Mobile, Concordia University, Mailys Flamand and Mauve will re-tell the story of the creation of the Natakanu Project. We will explore how open source, peer to peer architecture and Indigenous leadership has allowed us to claim and create space for Indigenous artists. Building on each other's strengths, the partners created a decentralized sharing platform capable of operating off grid, a common case in Indigenous communities across Canada. The platform is now a place for Indigenous artists to 'visit each other' (Natakanu in Innu) and to continue to challenge relationships with colonial GLAM institutions.