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  • Liz Stokes

    Liz Stokes

    Liz Stokes is a Senior Research Data Skills Specialist at the Australian Research Data Commons. She is passionate about data skills training and community development for reproducible research and open science. Liz has been involved in running the Sydney ResBaz (digital research skills festival) since 2017, and is a certified Library Carpentry Instructor and Trainer.


One of the best things I love about">The Carpentries is their attention to social infrastructure and community development. What’s also great about The Carpentries is that their free and open source lesson materials are available for continuous iteration and improvement. In fact, The Carpentries community goes beyond teaching free and open source software (FOSS), and includes">pedagogical strategies for creating positive learning environments and teaching how to collaborate with friendly strangers with shared goals.">Library Carpentry curriculum particularly caters to introducing data science skills to GLAMR workers. My reply to GO GLAM’s prompt is that GLAMR workers should be actively looking for ways to do things differently, and learning the skills that will loosen their dependency on proprietary software, and sharpen their ability to curate, preserve and share digital collections. FOSS technologists should support and build crossover communities of learners who co-create new practices with software they never thought they’d be able to use, let alone apply in their day to day work. Let's talk about how to create the conditions for putting into practice new skills we don't have (yet).