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  • Alice Ferrazzi

    Alice Ferrazzi

    Alice Ferrazzi is a Gentoo Linux Developer and the Gentoo Kernel Project Leader, working on Gentoo ebuild, eclass writing and kernel. She is also part of the Gentoo Foundation Board Members. She holds Gentoo study meetings in Tokyo, Japan and organizes Gentoo booth at various open source events. She is currently working as IoT Technology division as embedded software engineer for Cybertrust Japan. For Cybertrust Japan she is doing research focusing in the Linux Kernel.


I’m the main maintainer and creator of GKernelCI. GKernelCI was born 4 years ago with the necessity to have a standardized and automatic way of testing Gentoo Kernel sources. Test results of Gentoo Kernel sources are used by the Gentoo Kernel team to double-check each Gentoo Kernel source's release. GKernelCI is becoming a fundamental step of Gentoo sources release. With GKernelCI v.2[4] we are not only introducing new features but also compatibility with KernelCI using Kcidb ( common database tools). KernelCI is the Linux Foundation project currently used for testing the Linux Kernel and sending upstream feedback. GKernelCI v.2 will join efforts with Kcidb tool to send feedback from Gentoo kernel sources. Other features that will be implemented with GKernelCI v.2 are: -the usage of docker for better, faster, more-repeatable environments -the usage of lava for a more standardized testing and simplify testing on embedded systems GKernelCI v.2 is also trying to be more important during not only the release of the Gentoo kernel sources but also with the stabilization of them Gentoo kernel related packages. GKernelCI v.1 is currently hosted courtesy of mjeveritt[2] at [3] The GKernelCI is an open source project. The GkernelCI code can be found here[1] 1) 2) 3) 4)