Financial Assistance

Do you need financial assistance to attend 2021?

Thanks to the support of our Outreach and Inclusion sponsor, Arm, we have funds set aside to provide financial assistance to attendees who might need it. This program is part of our outreach and inclusion efforts for

Anyone can apply for financial assistance to attend 2021. You can apply for full or partial financial assistance to cover the costs of what you might need to join the conference. You could include things like:

Please ask only for what you need to attend the conference. We will be processing applications weekly until funds are exhausted, so we encourage you to apply as soon as you can for a greater chance of being accepted.

How to apply

To apply for financial aid, please send an email to providing details around the financial aid you would like to receive. Please include the total amount you are requesting in Australian Dollars (AUD), not including tickets (if you are only requesting tickets state $0 requested).

Selection criteria

In addition to allocating financial aid based on need, we also consider how we can get the most benefit for all attendees and the wider community.

In your email, please mention if you:

Note that these are factors we consider, but they are not a checklist. You do not need to have any of the above to be eligible for financial aid.

Reimbursement process

If granted assistance, you will still be expected to organise and purchase everything you need yourself. You will receive a maximum amount of reimbursement based on your request. Once we’ve granted assistance, you can send us your receipts for reimbursement.

If you have any questions about financial assistance please contact us at


We thank our sponsors for their generous contribution to 2021.

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