Keynote Announcement - Omoju Miller

December 15, 2020

The good news keeps on coming! We're delighted to announce that Omoju Miller will be one of our keynote speakers at 2021.

In her keynote, Omoju will discuss participation in open source as a form of cognitive apprenticeship. She will map out how the transition step from novice to expert aligns with the progressions we see in the roles taken on in open source communities.

Omoju will share ideas on how to make the transition from beginner to master faster by accessing what we know from education research.

This follows the earlier announcement of our first keynote speaker, Limor Fried.

Tickets are now available at Secure yours today to hear what Omoju and Limor have to say.

About Omoju Miller

Omoju Miller is the Technical Advisor to the CEO at GitHub. Her expertise is in the area of machine learning and computational intelligence.

Previously, Omoju co-led Google’s non-profit investment in computer science education and served as a volunteer advisor to the Obama administration’s White House Presidential Innovation Fellows.

Omoju joined Github in 2017 to help build recommendation engines for the popular open-source software development platform. She took on the role of Technical Advisor to the CEO in February 2020. Originally from Lagos, Nigeria, Omoju holds a doctoral degree in Computer Science Education from UC Berkeley.

We look forward to welcoming Omoju to 2021.


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Have you seen our schedule yet? Have you noticed the room names?

Each of the rooms are dedicated to a person that has had a great impact on and Linux Australia.

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Rusty R. Hall - named after Paul “Rusty” Russell. He was the one who started all of this mess when he organised the Conference of Australian Linux Users (CALU) in 1999, and which then helped initiate Linux Australia.

Pia Andrews Conservatory - Pia Andrews is best known for her open government work and her years of contributions to Linux Australia. Pia is also a musician and a Conservatory in musical terms is a place for learning music so we thought calling the stream a Conservatory would be perfect!

Blemings Labs - Now for those of you who doesn’t know Hugh (turns out he doesn’t have a Wikipedia page, someone please fix that!), Hugh has been an attendee at at most, if not all, prior LCAs and is a previous Linux Australia President and Council Member.


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